Passion for teaching & disseminating knowledge

Undergraduate courses

Special Topics, Machine Learning for Healthcare, NYU Abu Dhabi

Taught in Fall 2023

Data Structures & Algorithms, NYU Abu Dhabi

Taught in Fall 2020, Fall 2021, Fall 2022

This course presents an overview of fundamental data structures, which are commonplace in programming, as well as associated basic algorithms. Complexity analysis, linked lists, stacks, queues, trees, hashing, sorting, and basic graphs algorithms are covered. Core topics such as Floyd's algorithm, minimum spanning tree algorithms, and branch and bound techniques are also covered. Practical lab exercises complement the lectures. The students further specialize and consolidate their knowledge through lab projects to demonstrate the operation and applications of various data structures.

Engineering Capstone, NYU Abu Dhabi

Fall 2022

Formal supervisor of a capstone team consisting of three Computer Engineering students.

Graduate courses

Independent study, NYU Center for Data Science

Fall 2022

Formal supervisor of an MSc student at the NYU Center for Data Science.

External teaching engagements

UAE National Artificial Intelligence Program

Taught in four cohorts 2018-2022

Formerly in collaboration with Kellogg College, University of Oxford, this executive-style program targets private and public sector employees and is organized by the Office of the Minister of Artificial Intelligence and Remote Applications.

Artificial Intelligence, Sandooq Al Watan

Taught in 2019

This program provided the foundations of artificial intelligence to gifted middle and high school students (Mawhibatna program).

Discover Engineering & Discover Technology, Oxford Scholastica Academy

Taught in 2017

This course covered a variety of engineering topics for high school students (15-17 years) and technology for middle school students (11-14).

Invited talks & seminars

Towards Improved Health via Computational Precision Medicine: Learning from Diverse and Heterogeneous Data

Keynote Speaker at ML in Poland, Warsaw, Poland November 2022

AI Bay (virtual), Gdansk University of Technology, Poland November 2022

Princess Sumayya University of Technology, Amman, Jordan October 2022

Undergraduate honor's seminar, NYUAD Engineering September 2022

Bumblekite Summer School, Zurich, Switzerland August 2022

Machine Learning Summer School, Krakow, Poland June 2022

Union Chimique Belge (UCB) (virtual) June 2022

SEHA First Global Business Intelligence Conference May 2022

NYU Tandon Computer Science & Engineering (virtual) May 2022

NYU Tandon Biomedical Engineering (virtual) January 2022

AI System Reduces False-Positive Findings in the Interpretation of Breast Ultrasound Exams

Genentech, Roche, Switzerland (virtual) January 2022

AI in Radiology Seminar Series, NYU Langone (virtual) January 2022

Alkalime Cafe Wellness Series, Abu Dhabi, UAE November 2021

Future Talks at Pulse 95 Radio, Sharjah, UAE August 2021

Translational Research In Progress Seminar, NYU Langone (virtual) May 2021

AI for the Prediction of Deterioration of COVID-19 Patients in the Emergency Department

Research Student Conference, Nottingham University (virtual) September 2022

Genentech, Roche, San Francisco (virtual) December 2021

Warsaw University of Technology (virtual) June 2021

NYU Langone Health (virtual) August 2020

American Data Science Alliance (virtual) October 2020

Open Data Science Conference (virtual) October 2020

Warsaw.AI (virtual) July 2020

Multi-modal Learning in Healthcare

Machine Learning for Social Good Course, Oxford Global (virtual) August 2021

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

Panel, UK Faculty of Clinical Informatics Annual Conference (virtual) July 2021

Q&A with Faculty, NYU Global WeSTEM Faculty Series (virtual) April 2021

Machine Learning for Social Good Course, Oxford Global (virtual) February 2021

Self-supervised Learning for Medical Imaging

Astrazeneca (virtual) March 2021

Adoption of AI and the Impact of COVID-19

AI Lab of the UAE Department of Health (virtual) September 2020

Machine Learning for the Detection of Clinical Deterioration (PhD research)

MIT CSAIL Lab, Boston, USA November 2019

NYU Tandon School of Engineering, NY, USA November 2019

Clinical Decision-Making in the Era of Artificial Intelligence & Data Analytics

Phi Research and Innovation Summit, Amman, Jordan August 2018

IBM Cognitive Science Institute Seminar (virtual) May 2018

The Cognitive Hospital

AI in Healthcare, Healthcare Innovation Society, Oxford, UK October 2017